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Progressive Dynamical Drive Train Modeling as Part of NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (Poster)

Poster presentation at the AWEA WindPower 2008 conference held in Houston, TX on June 1-4, 2008.

Sideband Algorithm for Automatic Wind Turbine Gearbox Fault Detection and Diagnosis: Preprint

To be presented at the European Wind Energy Association 2013 Annual Event; Vienna, Austria; February 4-7, 2013

Progressive Dynamical Drive Train Modeling as Part of NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative: Preprint

Presented at WindPower 2008 Conference and Exhibition; Houston, Texas; June 1-4, 2008

Wind Energy's New Role in Supplying the World's Energy: What Role Will Structural Health Monitoring Play?

Wind energy installations are leading all other forms of new energy installations in the United States and Europe. In Europe, large wind plants are supplying as much as 25% of Denmark's energy needs and 8% of the electric needs for Germany and Spain,...

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative: Test and Model Investigation of Sun Orbit and Planet Load Share in a Wind Turbine Gearbox; Preprint

To be presented at the 53rd Structures, Structual Dynamics and Materials Conference (SDM); Honolulu, Hawaii; April 23-26, 2012

Investigation of Various Wind Turbine Drivetrain Condition Monitoring Techniques

Presented at the 7th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2009; Stanford, California; September 9-11, 2009

Investigation of Various Condition-Monitoring Techniques Based on a Damaged Wind Turbine Gearbox

Presented at the 8th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring; Stanford, California; September 13-15, 2011

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Description and Loading

This document describes simulated turbine load cases in accordance to the IEC 61400-1 Ed.3 standard, which is representative of the typical wind turbine design process. The information presented herein is intended to provide a broad understanding of...

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative: Gearbox Inspection Metadata

NREL has developed a software application called GearFacts that will be distributed to Database Collaborative participants to capture failure information when gearboxes are rebuilt. This publication names and describes each field used in GearFacts and...

Wind Turbine Micropitting Workshop: A Recap

Micropitting is a Hertzian fatigue phenomenon that affects many wind turbine gearboxes, and it affects the reliability of the machines. With the major growth and increasing dependency on renewable energy, mechanical reliability is an extremely important...