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Investigation of Various Wind Turbine Drivetrain Condition Monitoring Techniques (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at the 2011 Wind Turbine Reliability Workshop, 2-3 August 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Update: A Brief (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at the AWEA Wind Project Operations, Maintenance & Reliability Seminar, 10-11 January 2012, San Diego, California

NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative: Comparing In-Field Gearbox Response to Different Dynamometer Test Conditions: Preprint

Presented at WINDPOWER 2011; Anaheim, California; May 23-25, 2011

Investigation of Oil Conditioning, Real-time Monitoring and Oil Sample Analysis for Wind Turbine Gearboxes (Presentation)

Presented at the AWEA Project Performance & Reliability Workshop, 13 January 2010, San Diego, California.

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Gearbox 1 Failure Analysis Report

Unintended gearbox failures have a significant impact on the cost of wind farm operations. In 2007, NREL initiated the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC). The project combines analysis, field testing, dynamometer testing, condition monitoring,...

Improving Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability: Preprint

To be presented at the 2007 European Wind Energy Conference; Milan, Italy; May 7-10, 2007

Wind Turbine Gearbox Failure Modes – A Brief (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at the ASME/STLE 2011 International Joint Tribology Conference, 24-26 October 2011, Los Angeles, California

Gearbox Modeling and Load Simulation of a Baseline 750-kW Wind Turbine Using State-of-the-Art Simulation Codes

This report discusses the causes for premature wind turbine gearbox failure and determining a method for revealing the missing loading conditions relevant to the gearbox design process.

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Bearing Calibration

NREL has initiated the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC) to investigate the root cause of the low wind turbine gearbox reliability. The GRC follows a multi-pronged approach based on a collaborative of manufacturers, owners, researchers and consultants....

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative: Gearbox 3 Manufacturing Status (Presentation), NREL(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Meeting, 17-18 February 2015, Boulder, Colorado