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Evaluation of High-Temperature Exposure of Photovoltaic Modules: Preprint

To be presented at the 34th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; June 7–12, 2009

Proposals for "Qualification Plus" Tests and Comparative Rating System (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at the 2013 SPIE Solar Energy + Technology Conference, 21 October 2013, Chicago, Illinois

Overview of Field Experience - Degradation Rates & Lifetimes (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Presented at Solar Power International, 14-17 September 2015, Anaheim, California

On the Path to SunShot: Advancing Concentrating Solar Power Technology, Performance, and Dispatchability

This report examines the remaining challenges to achieving the competitive concentrating solar power (CSP) costs and large-scale deployment envisioned under the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative. Although CSP costs continue to decline toward...

Strategy Guideline: HVAC Equipment Sizing

This guide describes the equipment selection of a split system air conditioner and furnace for an example house in Chicago, IL as well as a heat pump system for an example house in Orlando, FL. The required heating and cooling load information for the...

Measure Guideline: Replacing Single-Speed Pool Pumps with Variable Speed Pumps for Energy Savings

The report evaluates potential energy savings by replacing traditional single-speed pool pumps with variable speed pool pumps, and provide a basic cost comparison between continued uses of traditional pumps verses new pumps. A simple step-by-step process...

Dynamic Models for Wind Turbines and Wind Power Plants

The primary objective of this report was to develop universal manufacturer-independent wind turbine and wind power plant models that can be shared, used, and improved without any restrictions by project developers, manufacturers, and engineers.

NREL: Renewable Resources Maps and Data Home Page

Because renewable resources vary considerably from one geographic location to another, optimal siting of renewable energy systems requires knowledge of the specific resource characteristics-availability, magnitude, and variability-at any given...

U.S. Department of Energy Regional Resource Centers Report: State of the Wind Industry in the Regions

The wind industry and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are addressing technical challenges to increasing wind energy's contribution to the national grid (such as reducing turbine costs and increasing energy production and reliability), and they recognize...

Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Investigation of Gearbox Motion and High-Speed-Shaft Loads

This paper extends a model-to-test validation effort to examine the effect of different constant rotor torque and moment conditions and intentional generator misalignment on the gearbox motion and high-speed-shaft loads. Fully validating gearbox motion...